Great Dane Raw Food Diet

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Great Dane Raw Food Diet. A proper raw diet consists of 80 meat 10 bone and 10 organ. The last option is to prepare a homemade diet for your Great Dane puppy.

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In general terms you need to feed your great dane between 2 to 3 of its bodily weight daily. Im bringing home an 8 week old great dane puppy today and after doing some research Id like to have him on a raw food diet. You can use a wide range of foods that you may have in your pantry for your own use.

Proteins are a macronutrient in a Great Danes diet and provide the much-needed building blocks of life amino acids.

The only thing you need to be watchful of is maintaining the balance of nutrients in the dog raw food. This is a great option if your puppy seems to suffer from allergies. This could be potatoes rice fish vegetables and meat. This was another concern when Wikipedia announced that Great Danes only live 6 to 8 years while most dogs last about a decade.