Menopause And Keto Diet

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Menopause And Keto Diet. Keto can help to balance changing hormone levels which is the primary cause of menopause. The keto diet can help boost your energy enhance weight loss and increase focus -- but does it work for women going through menopause.

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The ketogenic keto diet focuses on eating foods that are high in fat and protein while avoiding carbohydrates. A healthy fat-rich Keto-Alkaline Diet improves fat-soluble vitamin absorption especially vitamin D a precursor for your sex hormones. Thus a keto nutrition plan may help balance testosterone and other sex hormones.

A Keto-Alkaline Diet actually improved my patients lipid profiles while helping balance testosterone and other hormones menopause can knock out of whack.

Eating an abundance of fat is a hallmark of the ketogenic diet and doing so becomes even more important for women during menopause. Learn more about how the ketogenic diet can help suppress your. The keto diet and menopause what are the benefits. There are several pasta alternatives for the Keto Diet.